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2020 Recreational Marijuana Legalization Will be on November Ballot

A marijuana legalization poll will appear on the 2020 ballot on November 3, known as the New Jersey Marijuana Legalization Amendment.

If the referendum garners enough support on the ballot and passes, the possession and consumption of marijuana will become legal in New Jersey for adults 21 and older. If the proposal indeed passes, it will make its way back to lawmakers who will then decide which laws will oversee the state's recreational marijuana industry. Other states have added proposals for recreational marijuana on the 2020 ballot, including Arkansas, Arizona, Missouri, Florida, and North Dakota.

Sixty-two percent of New Jersey adults said they would support legalizing the possession of marijuana in small quantities, with 32 percent opposing such legalization, revealed a recent Monmouth University poll. It stands to reason, then, that if most voters support the measure, recreational marijuana legalization in 2020 could become a reality later this year in the state.

We will keep you updated as we always do in regards to NJ Medical Marijuana Legalization in 2020 as well as recreational legalization.

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