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Calling All COPS! Are you retired?

There is a huge market for retired law enforcement in the marijuana industry. So many ex cops are joining the ranks of guarding the pot instead of seizing it.The job market grows every day. There will be 30K jobs created in the hemp industry this year alone. An ex sheriff in Las Vegas tells me he finds it hard to belive. " I used to throw perps up against the wall and take their pot, know I guard it against theft legally." Says Joe Shafto security guard at one of the big dispensaries in the heart of Vegas. "We are open 24 hrs and generally stoners are no problem but gangs and thieves must not be underestimated." The new industry of weed is the war cry for retired armed guards from our retired police force. It is a second life in an area cops made money from opposing it. Now I make money on it.

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