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You can buy pot with POT? Crypto coins transform the marijuana industry.

With the banking problems and unrelenting shift of Government power, the pot industry is looking towards the future with crypto currency. Two companies as of this writing had an active mobile wallet to be able to transmit payments via their platform on two related crypto coins. The first is CANN also known as Cannabis Coin. They give the end user the ability to pay with crypto currency like a Bitcoin but with a new modern end user interface and has current up to date technology. No more cash needed at your accepting dispensary as your phone carries the "cash like" currency right from your linked wallet. The second and our preferred is POT aka Pot Coin. The green interface lets you know your using the most secure and private way to pay.

They have a very basic simple wallet that anyone that texts can use and it is fast with zero to near zero transaction fees. No more running to the ATM to get cash and pay $3.50 to do it. This revolutionary decentralized currency with immutable ledger and open source technology will be the next big way that POT gets into the mainstream without the governments hands in your pocket.

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