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24 Hour On-line Ordering! is a gateway to both medical and recreational cannabis. This California based cannabis collective with national distributors helps patients and customers in all 50 states gain access to cannabis products and medications. We do this with a streamlined process including personal consultations, strict compliance with The Compassionate Use Act of 1996, The Affordable Care Act and the US Constitution. It is important for each patient to understand the legalities involved, the costs, and the benefits of cannabis medication in their state. Cannabis can be used to treat a large number of illnesses from anxiety, depression, and PTSD, to inflammatory and auto-immune disorders, as well as many forms of cancer and chronic pain. Unfortunately there are many states in America that have not yet passed medical cannabis laws and it is still listed on the federal level as a schedule 1 narcotic. Despite these obstacles, Our network has a solution for any patient and many customers in America who desires access to cannabis. Call us for information today.

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