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Lifetime Marijuana Collective Paid Memberships


If you are a registered Patient or a Recreational customer, or you are joining for the first time. You can become a full member for life with the purchase of a "Welcome Kit" that elevates you from a free Patient or Recreational customer to a  fully payed "MEMBER" for life. The cost for a "Membership" is a one-time $420 payment (Life Membership) and comes with a FREE OZ. or equivalent valued "Welcome Kit". You can find the kits in the apothecary and is the biggest savings path for moderate to heavy medicates. IF YOU ORDER AN OUNCE A MONTH MINIMUM, THEN THIS IS THE BEST PROGRAM FOR YOU. You can choose any welcome kit if you already are a  Patient, Caregiver or Recreational registered user at Cannasense. First time purchases consider this...This one time $420 fee opens up your experience to a whole new level. You will then land your medications or products for huge discounts. E.G. You land 1 oz. of flower/bud for $200 and up that's delivered instead of $320-360 with your choice to break it down in 4 different quarters and now ounces are available. If an ounce is $360 then for $60 extra you will never pay $360 again.  Prices go down as the collective grows as it used to be $240!
 First you must register and be approved to purchase. Then sign into (My Account) at Cannasence and go into the Apothecary. The variety and value are second to none and we promise that you will not be disappointed in the quality or service.

One Time Only $420 with Free Oz or Equivalent Welcome Kit Above 
  • Access to the Apothecary 24/7 with site wide discounts and deep flower Oz. savings

  • Monthly Minimum of $25 to Qualify for Product Purchase Commissions from anyone you sponsor

  • $100 Commission for Sponsor Referrals and huge payouts and product savings for memberships



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